TISAX Certification: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Information Security

In ília’s journey, information security has always been a fundamental principle. Testing security controls and processes is crucial to ensure that everything in place is effective. It is also vital for identifying vulnerability points and making improvements. It was with this spirit that we embarked on the quest for the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification, a widely recognized information security standard in the mobility industry.

The mobility sector is one of the most regulated and demanding in terms of quality and security. With vehicles becoming increasingly complex each day, integrating advanced technologies that require a highly reliable supply chain, the TISAX certification has become essential for suppliers serving automakers. TISAX is a certification that provides a guarantee of data security and sensitive information, promoting reliability and quality in production processes.

To keep us at the forefront, ensuring our customers’ data security, demonstrating compliance with regulations and standards, and effectively managing cybersecurity risks, we began our journey towards TISAX certification.

The path to TISAX certification was led by a dedicated team, the Information Security team. Our CTO, Isaac Canan, and our IT Infrastructure and Security Manager, Raphael Moreira, were at the forefront of this process. They translated our practices into actions, aligning our procedures with TISAX standards.

The journey was challenging. We implemented new security processes, policies, and standards, as well as awareness actions and the implementation of information security training. We also established metrics to monitor compliance with our information security policies and processes. The physical office environment was also designed to provide more security for our data and our clients. Each step was a test of our efficiency and commitment. We achieved the highest level, level 3 – high protection, with great effort and dedication.

TISAX certification is not just a seal; it is a reflection of our dedication. It has become a proof of reliability, something valuable to us and the major automakers in the mobility industry with whom we have established partnerships. This certification is an assurance that we have established controls and practices to protect confidential and sensitive data. Which results in long-term cost reduction, reputation protection, and the delivery of high-quality digital products.

Our TISAX journey reinforces that controlled environments are ideal for protection and risk reduction. By choosing a TISAX-certified company, you invest in security, reliability, and quality. This is ília’s story, where information security has always been a priority. Let’s talk about how we can help your company streamline processes and improve market compliance with quality digital products? Click here to talk to our experts!